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Maj ! 30 Mszy Świętych w maju ku czci Maryi Oblubienicy Ducha Świętego za Dzieło Ewangelizacji

W miesiącu maju, codziennie o godz.7.00 zostanie odprawionych 30 Mszy Świętych za Dzieło Ewangelizacji Ubogich i Strapionych ku czci Najświętszej Maryi Panny Oblubienicy Ducha Świętego w kaplicy Domu Misyjnego Księży Werbistów w Kleosinie według przesłanej intencji Zgłaszana intencja* – za Dzieło Ewangelizacji Ubogich i Strapionych i Wspólnotę Apostołów Miłości w Polsce i zagranicą, za darczyńców…
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#świadectwo / Gdzie chodzisz do fryzjera?

Gdzie chodzisz do fryzjera czyli świadectwo o Bogu u fryzjera- świadectwo Ewelina Bartoszewicz, 17.05.2022

#świadectwo / Wizyta u dentysty z JEZUSEM

Wizyta u dentysty z JEZUSEM- świadectwo Ewelina Bartoszewicz, 17.05.2022

#świadectwo / Dzielić od serca swoją drożdżówkę z ubogim

Dzielić od serca swoją drożdżówkę z ubogim – świadectwo Ewelina Bartoszewicz, 17.05.2022

JESUS on the street #27 / Born again

A homeless, addicted boy stands in front of me and quickly spews out the words – I will go, I will try. I don’t know if Jesus loves me. I don’t feel God’s love. I’m closed up like a bottle. I don’t think Jesus can hear me from inside there, but for you and for…
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JESUS in the street #26 / Healing of the soul

We already had many hours of talking with each other. Him, a young boy, homeless addict who decided to change his life and lived in a house close to God and with people who also wanted to do it as well, to change their lives, to be closer to God, to be a new person.…
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JESUS on the street #25 / Bombastic dance

We have just picked up an identity card. We sat in the car. We bought something for the road to drink, to eat. We get in the car and drive, two guys who want to change their lives. We have a 4-hour drive ahead of us, we’re driving, we’re talking, it’s getting fun, we’re giving…
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JESUS on the streets #7 / New life after three days

This young boy, who has been homeless for six months, is brought by two other homeless people, ot they met at the station where they spent the night. The boy says to me: – Are you at all Catholic? Who are you? I say: – Wait, you’ll know soon enough. We get in the car.…
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JESUS on the street #24 / Free decision of  homeless men

We agreed to meet in the forest at six in the morning. They are to leave their nomadic place and we will wait by car to drive to a place, a new place to start a new life with God and with people.  We drive up, but the boys are not there. We go into…
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JESUS on the street # 23 / A wafer for a homeless man

On Christmas Eve a nun emerged from the sacristy with the Christmas wafers saying to me: – You will know what to do with them. I looked at them thinking, well, yes, then I have a task. And I set out with these wafers, to one place, to another, but one place came to my…
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