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#świadectwo/ Nasz Wieczernik i Duch Święty i św. Jan Paweł II – Ola i Ania

Nasz Wieczernik i Duch Święty i św. Jan Paweł II / świadectwo Ola Rak i Ania Wyrzykowska

#świadectwo/ Nasz Wieczernik i Duch Święty – Adam

Nasz Wieczernik i Duch Święty czyli uzdrowienia, znaki i cuda – świadectwo Adam, 05.06.2022.

#świadectwo/ Nasz Wieczernik i Duch Święty – Maciej

Nasz Wieczernik i Duch Święty czyli uzdrowienia, znaki i cuda – świadectwo Maciej, 05.06.2022

JESUS on the Street # 45 / My Heart is Filled with His Mercy

At 6:00 in the morning first there was a text message: – Good morning, I wanted to ask, can I write that Jesus is my friend? And what does mercy mean?  Yeah, like I could answer this in a text message… Then there was a conversation about what Mercy means, – Why do you ask?…
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JESUS on the street # 44 / Hip hop after coming out of therapy

 I wrote a song said a man who got into my car and together we drove from one town to another to the train station to go to the south of Poland to start a new life, according to what Jesus said – he would get on the train with a book of poetry with…
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JESUS on the Street # 43 / The Cross and the People from the Dumpster

We sit on a white leather couch that has just arrived, donated from one house to another. We sit together with people who have spent the night on the street before and talk. There’s Mary, we’ve brought cake, we’re brewing coffee, and they’re telling us what ends up in the dumpster. A woman says: „Do…
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God’s Signs # 27 / I’m lying in hospital and I have one ticket

Ania: God is great and He creates such coincidences, sends people, brings people together, that extraordinary things happen. Marek, I wanted to record this testimony with you, because you are at the beginning of this story, which is very unusual for me. I was driving at the time to visit people who were in the…
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God’s signs #26/ Coffee dream came true

Ania: Wojtuś, you know what, I really like coffee, don’t you? Wojtek: Me too. Ania: Tell me this testimony about coffee because it always makes me laugh, about how great God is, how much He loves us and how He fulfills our dreams, even the smallest ones. Wojtek: Oh yeah. The best thing is that…
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Mary and Me. A Marian testimony – Natalia

Mary was in my life from the very beginning. It was my grandmother who used to kneel with me and show me how to put rose-scented beads in my hand. It was with her that we knelt every day in front of the picture of Our Lady and Child apologizing, thanking, and asking for intercession.…
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JESUS on the street # 42 / Trust not to worry about the couch

It’s October. Tt’s getting colder. It’s wet outside. The homeless who are somewhere on their own outside slowly begin to look for places to stay, places where they can get live with someone else. And so we find ourselves invited to a meeting, a peregrination with Our Lady of Fatima, in an apartment where some…
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