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#świadectwo / Gdzie chodzisz do fryzjera?

Gdzie chodzisz do fryzjera czyli świadectwo o Bogu u fryzjera- świadectwo Ewelina Bartoszewicz, 17.05.2022

#świadectwo / Wizyta u dentysty z JEZUSEM

Wizyta u dentysty z JEZUSEM- świadectwo Ewelina Bartoszewicz, 17.05.2022

#świadectwo / Dzielić od serca swoją drożdżówkę z ubogim

Dzielić od serca swoją drożdżówkę z ubogim – świadectwo Ewelina Bartoszewicz, 17.05.2022

JESUS on the street #27 / Born again

A homeless, addicted boy stands in front of me and quickly spews out the words – I will go, I will try. I don’t know if Jesus loves me. I don’t feel God’s love. I’m closed up like a bottle. I don’t think Jesus can hear me from inside there, but for you and for…
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JESUS on the street # 21 / Holy Spirit and cold cheesecake

I’m packing a cold cheesecake with jelly for my bike. It is mid June very warm outside. Around 3:00 we have an appointment at the bunkhouse with two men who want to change their lives. Today we are to meet and talk. Cake, disposable plates, I have packed everything, we are going. They are already…
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JESUS on the street # 19 / Pope of a homeless man

A young boy emerges from the woods. He sleeps on various vacant lots, but wants to meet, wants to talk. He sits down in the car next to me and takes out of his backpack cards with pictures from the calendar of Saint John Paul II, looks at them, rearranges them, smiles and doesn’t give…
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02.06.2022 Zaproszenie #33 Posługa Słowa 20 PL / 19 UK

#33- #19/2022 – # 14/2021 Spotkanie ze Słowem Bożym dnia 12 maja 2022, czwartek , godzina 20 czasu polskiego / 20 PL / 19 czasu szkockiego / 19 UK/. Co z tego wyjdzie? Mam nadzieję to, co Bóg zaplanował dla nas wszystkich i dla tych, do których nas pośle, oto się modlę. Przebieg spotkania 15…
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JESUS in the street # 16/ It is enough to trust God

It’s early in the morning, straight out of the dumpster a man gets in the car and we want to go to detox, to the emergency room. He puts on a warmer pullover, warms up, we drive and talk and pray. I say – You know what? The Lord God is doing great miracles! The…
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JESUS in the street # 15 / And in the chapel JESUS was waiting

I get a phone call, help is needed. We need to meet someone, talk to him, pray for the Holy Spirit, maybe he will give his life to Jesus. – When can you come? – I hear on the phone. – Well, maybe right now, it’s a little crazy on my part, only half an…
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God’s signs #29 / Jesus took care of the children

Ania: Hallelujah Dorota. Dorothy: Praised be Jesus Christ and the ever Virgin Mary. God bless you, Ania. Ania: For ever and ever Amen. It’s good for me to talk to you because I would like us to record a testimony that happened last year and its fruits are still there and can be seen. This…
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