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JESUS on the Street # 46 / Answered prayer for cans

I like calls like this. Very simple, with a testimony. Two homeless people call and the woman says: – Listen, today we planned to go to the office instead of going to collect cans (and yet we make our living collecting cans). Well, so when we went to collect those cans I, imagine, pray like…
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God’s Signs #44 / Pray for those for whom no one prays – Ave Maria

Ania: Hello, Renia! Hallelujah! Your message touched me so much, because I wrote to you and you answered me right away. I sent you a message about the Ave Maria ministry, well, information that you should pray, listen to the Holy Spirit and answer me, because today after my walk, when I prayed for it,…
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God’s sings #30 / I want to bless Your eyes

Ania: I wanted us to record the testimony that you told on Thursday at the meeting about blessing, because you know in the letter to the Romans it says, 'bless and do not malign’ / Romans 12:14 / Bless. We are to bless our enemies and even more so our friends. All those we meet,…
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#świadectwo / Nowe życie i rodzina

Nasz Wieczernik i Duch Święty – Nowe życie i rodzina / świadectwo Lidki

09.06.2022 Posługa Słowa #33- Oto ja poślij mnie

#33- #19/2022 – # 14/2021 Księga Izajasza 6, 1- 8 1 W roku śmierci króla Ozjasza ujrzałem Pana siedzącego na wysokim i wyniosłym tronie, a tren Jego szaty wypełniał świątynię. 2 Serafiny stały ponad Nim; każdy z nich miał po sześć skrzydeł; dwoma zakrywał swą twarz, dwoma okrywał swoje nogi, a dwoma latał.3 I wołał jeden do drugiego:«Święty,…
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#świadectwo/ Nasz Wieczernik i Duch Święty i św. Jan Paweł II – Ola i Ania

Nasz Wieczernik i Duch Święty i św. Jan Paweł II / świadectwo Ola Rak i Ania Wyrzykowska

#świadectwo/ Nasz Wieczernik i Duch Święty – Adam

Nasz Wieczernik i Duch Święty czyli uzdrowienia, znaki i cuda – świadectwo Adam, 05.06.2022.

#świadectwo/ Nasz Wieczernik i Duch Święty – Maciej

Nasz Wieczernik i Duch Święty czyli uzdrowienia, znaki i cuda – świadectwo Maciej, 05.06.2022

JESUS on the Street # 45 / My Heart is Filled with His Mercy

At 6:00 in the morning first there was a text message: – Good morning, I wanted to ask, can I write that Jesus is my friend? And what does mercy mean?  Yeah, like I could answer this in a text message… Then there was a conversation about what Mercy means, – Why do you ask?…
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JESUS on the street # 44 / Hip hop after coming out of therapy

 I wrote a song said a man who got into my car and together we drove from one town to another to the train station to go to the south of Poland to start a new life, according to what Jesus said – he would get on the train with a book of poetry with…
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